Typical salami of Abruzzo
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Typical salami of Abruzzo

From the rural vocation of our region comes the rich and tasty Abruzzese delicatessen heritage.

In rural farmhouses the ritual butchery of swine has been handed down from generation to generation: in the old wine cellars dominate, as family pride during the winter months, salami, hams, bacons, sausages, loins and other typical pork products.
In every area of our region excels a salami that enriches the wide range of traditional Abruzzese delicatessen. Typical salami while unique at the same time, the Ventricina del Vastese, in a mixture rich in intoxicating aromas, sweet and spicy spices combines with the choice parts of the patiently hand-cut pork.
The Fratelli Bruno salami are produced in a traditional delicatessen factory that ensures complete control of the supply chain through the best-selected Italian meats. Salami are handled internally at all stages: from processing to ageing in order to ensure a continuous monitoring of all production according to strict specifications with thanks to the contribution of modern technologies.
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